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special events in samara beach

Find out what is going on in Samara and Carrillo Beach

December  4-5, 2010 - World Final Green Cup Costa Rica

Green Cup 2010

La Final del Campeonato Mundial de Duatlón Extremo de Montaña, nuevamente aquí en Costa Rica.

Playa Carrillo, Guanacaste sera el escenario de un evento REAL DE MONTAÑA, con la participación de los mejores exponentes de esta DURA disciplina a nivel Mundial.

Complementando este Gran Evento, tambien se realizaran otras actividades, deportivas y recreativas para todos los gustos, tales como: ½ MARATOn AVENTURA (21k Carrera Cross), Carrera Caminata de 5k (por la playa), Carrera Infantil (Gratuita), CARRILLO RIDE (Recreativa de MTB - Gratuito a los lugareños menores de 17 años). Además, Expo y Féria Deportiva y Artesanal, Música, Animación, Concursos.

For more information

Invitan: Cámara de Turismo de Carrillo - Cámara de Turismo de Guanacaste

Earth Day in Samara Beach

Earth Day in Samara Beach

Activity A: Tuesday April 20, the School will be cleaning up the recyclable trash from the area.

Activity B: Wednesday April 21 "Earth Day" 8:30 am Hotel Casa del Mar meeting in the parking area across from the hotel





A. April 18, children from school painted and decorated the trash barrels.

B. March 30, before Easter students from intercultura school went through samara and bagged the trash along the street

C. April 6, , eight men from the re hab center in Liberia came and helped clean up trash along the streets and PLAZA left behind by Easter week


Asociación del Turismo y Comercio de Samara

Feria de Libros itinerantes / Book Fair

January 18th to 29th,2010

Estimados amigos / Dear Friends:

Please find below the information on free community activities at
Intercultura - phone. 8329-0608 ~ 2656-0127

Talk by famous author / Tertulia con la reconocida autora
Tatiana Lobo

Muestra de Cine y Documentales / International Movies & Documentaries

En Conflicto / In Conflict

  • Sin Nombre - Jan. 18th - 7:30PM
  • Todos los Niños Invisibles - Jan. 19th - 7:30PM
  • Satanas - Jan. 21st - 7:30PM
  • Perro come Perro - Jan.25th - 7:30PM
  • La Ciudad de Los Fotógrafos - Jan. 26th - 7:30PM

Welcome at La Vuelta de La Soledad 2008

Samara, October 4th, 2008

La Vuelta de la Soledad

Coast to Coast Adventures invites you to participate in the 10th annual La Vuelta de la Soledad Team Mountain Bike Race: 83 km of mountain bike adventure on dirt roads, trails and hard packed beach sand. The different divisions offered allow every experience level to participate, from professional bikers to first time racers, so find a partner and join us!  What better excuse than the race to spend a week beforehand experiencing the adventure and diversity of this beautiful country.

VII FESTIVAL "Madre Fértil Tierra Nuestra" ~ "Fertile Mother Our Earth"

VII Festival  Madre Fértil Tierra Nuestra ~  Fertile Mother Our Earth

En el "Año Internacional del Agua" ~ The International Year of Water - 2003
Celebrated in Samara

"The daily efforts of each one of us, is important. What matters is the voice of your heart. If you are a writer, write with great passion; if you are a painter, paint with great passion; if you are an environmentalist, defend Nature with  all your heart. This is your invitation to help".

The whole community, the students of Schools of Samara, Terra Nostra Association invite you to participate at the VII Festival Madre Fertil Tierra Nuestra.

Mesoamerican Festival of the Environment and Culture

"The daily efforts of each one of us, is important. What matters is the voice  of your heart. If you are a writer, write with great passion; if you are a painter,  paint with great passion; if you are an environmentalist, defend Nature with  all your heart. This is your invitation to help".

Costa Rican fishing National Championship

Costa Rican fishing National Championship

Samara beach hosted the 3rd date of the Costa Rican fishing National Championship. Over 100 fishermen from all over the country met on our beach for the exciting competition.

The event was organized by the "Club Nacional de Pesca de Costa Rica" - tel. 2222 3737 or 8393 6020.

Mesoamerican Festival of the Environment and Culture

Mesoamerican Festival of the Environment and Culture

"Madre Fértil Tierra Nuestra" ~ "Fertile Mother Our Earth"
"International Month for the Environment"

Celebrated in Samara

"The daily efforts of each one of us, is important. What matters is the voice  of your heart. If you are a writer, write with great passion; if you are a painter,  paint with great passion; if you are an environmentalist, defend Nature with  all your heart. This is your invitation to help".

Annular Eclipse in Samara Beach, Costa Rica

Click for a large map of the eclipse area

Click here or above for a large map of the eclipse path

we're right there!

Enjoy your breakfast and in the morning feel free to make final preparations for the eclipse, explore on your own, hang out on the beach, go on a hike or arrange an optional day trip with your hotel. We expect the centre line of the path of annularity to very closely intersect Samara Beach. Then watch the climax of the annular eclipse as the sun is less than one hour from sunset. Elevation of the sun will be about 11 degrees at the time of max eclipse (4:31pm).

Come a day ahead and use the pre-eclipse time to plan or get acquainted with the neighbourhood. Enjoy the unique post eclipse sunset, dinner and join in the local festivities. A great opportunity to get to know Samara, its people and its beautiful beach.

view the eclipse, no hill, no building, no tree, no clouds, no smog, no nothing ...

More Information:

For the town of San Juanillo (85°:48' west; 9°:58´ north) on the Nicoya peninsula in the northwest of Costa Rica, where the central line meets mainland, the following is the chronograph of events for the contacts, the altitude and the azimuth of the sun.

The Sun and the moon will be in the constellation Ophiuchus, one of the non zodiacal constellations through which the ecliptic runs. Mercury will be above the Sun and Venus farther below, but we will not be able to observe them. Sunset will be at 17 h: 17' local time and the beginning of the astronomical twilight for that day happens at 18h: 33'. Since we are in new moon, that day the moon is pretty close to the sun in the sky, it raises at 5h: 17' and sets at 17h: 19', the age is 29,2 days and its apparent diameter is 30': 8'', insufficient to cover the sun, that's why the eclipse is annular.

At 4:32 p.m. the center of the eclipse will enter through Playa Ostional, just south of San Juanillo on the Nicoya Peninsula - well known for the huge arrivals of the green turtle- with the sun at an altitude of 11° above the horizon (a little higher than the North Star as we see it from the latitude of Costa Rica). The annular phase of the eclipse will last for 3 minutes and 19 seconds (the same time along the central line for all the Costa Rican territory), which is very good in comparison with the 3 minutes and 48 seconds at the maximum in the Pacific Ocean.

The annular phase can be seen from all the cities and towns located between the northern and southern limits, such as Tamarindo, Playas del Coco, Santa Cruz, Liberia, Filadelfia, Cañas, Tilarán, Puntarenas, Naranjo and Alajuela, but it will last for a shorter time, because they are not along the central line, as shown in the map. San José is practically on the southern limit, Cartago and Limón are out of the annularity band, the same as San Isidro, Golfito and all the southern region of the country. In the north, La Cruz and the Santa Elena peninsula are also out. All the previous cities will experience only a partial eclipse.

Playa Sámara - 2nd National Triathlon

250 athletes at the 2nd Samara Triathlon

Ready, Set, Go ... 

The residents of Playa Sámara and the Costa Rican Triathlon Federation organized an important sports event of high class on one of the country's most beautiful beaches.

The 2nd National Triathlon took place in Playa Sámara. This year's competition was not only part of the National Championship, but also the elimination for the National Games 2002 in Nicoya.

Last year, over 70 athletes participated in the National Triathlon and an even higher number of competitors was expected this year as it pleased all participants and is highly awaited by the athletes. Finally 3 times as many athletes showed up at the Start for the Sámara Triathlon. Even the Gods showed mercy: Petrus pleasing the competitors with a bright sunny day in the midst of the rainy season and Neptun holding back the fierce waves of the high tide.

At 10.00 a.m., some 250 athletes threw themselves into the sea to initiate the Sámara-Triathlon, which at the same time was the qualification for the National Games Nicoya 2001, taking place next March. For the first time teams of 3 athletes were officially permitted to participate, where one athlete has to cover the swimming part, one the bicycle and the third the running part. In this category the "local" team from Nicoya won the gold medal. CONGRATULATIONS! 

August 2001 - XI Festival of Music

For the second time Samara Beach was the stage of some of the concerts of the 11th Festival of Music of Costa Rica.

For the second time Samara Beach was the stage of some of the concerts of the 11th Festival of Music of Costa Rica.

The beautiful Hotel Guanamar hosted on August 4th, The Academia Bach of Berlin playing music of Bach, Mozart, Schubert and Dvorak.

On Saturday 11th International Virtuosi we were delighted with Mozart Schubert and Meza.

The last concert took place on Saturday 18th ~ music of Brahms, Weber and Dohnanyi played by the New World Symphony.

1st Festival of Culture, Music & Sport

Come celebrate with us - surfing, kayaking, bicycling, beach volley and football competitions, typical dance night, karaoke, art, handicrafts exposition ... all this served with the best of local food and drinks at our various restaurants and bars.

The Procession

One of the most beautiful of all Costa Rican pageants awaits you in festive Samara Beach on Saturday, July 14th.  The highlight of Samara's Annual Celebrations during the July Veranillo, 'Little Summer', is the grand procession at sea in praise of the 'Virgen del Mar'.

Procession de la Virgen del Mar on Samara Beach 

National Triathlon in Playa Samara

The first National Triathlon was held in Playa Samara

All were winners at the International Triathlon in Playa Samara

Over 70 athletes accepted the invitation of the Tourism Chamber of Samara and the Costa Rican Triathlon Federation. The event was part of the National Championship and yielded a high amount of points (300) in the National Ranking.

To the great satisfaction of the organizers of the event and the community of Samara, the competitors commented positively about the conditions and the Samara surroundings. They were pleased with the support given by the residents of Samara, not only those who stood on the street to cheer, but also the children of Samara's high school who volunteered to help and all the persons who contributed their part to make this event a success.

Bach on the Beach

Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen
Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen

Samara Beach was the stage of an unforgettable concert.

In tropical surroundings,  with palm trees and the ocean breezes, the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen delighted us with Bach, Haydn and Grieg's music.

The concert was part of the 9th International Festival of Music of Costa Rica. Samara Beach was one of a few places that the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen visited during their first visit to Costa Rica.

A delightful time was had by all.


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