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about samara beach

About Samara Beach

"One of the safest and prettiest beaches in the country is Playa Samara...."
Lonely Planet - Destination Costa Rica: Off the Beaten Track

"Playa Samara, the perfect long white sand beach with shallow, gentle waters."
The Key to Costa Rica

Samara has a superb coral reef and its own picturesque wooded island in the bay ~ Isla Chora. It's popular with swimmers and windsurfers, and it's an ideal beach for your kids.

Samara is not only a charming beach resort, with a wide choice of friendly and attractive hotels, restaurants, bars and discos, but, unlike other Pacific Ocean resorts, it is also a thriving fishing and farming community.

There are cowboys and cattle drives, fishing boats returning at sunset, exotic fruit harvests, specialty and organic farming, tree nurseries and reforestation projects and many other authentic and vital Sámara activities. There are unusual plant and animal species, ancient Indian sites, underwater caves and coastal and mountain nature trails.

Guitar, Spanish, aerobic and dancing lessons and massages are available. And there is even a Sámara art gallery with its own resident artist.

Important Telephone Numbers

Clinica: Tel. 2656-0166 ~ Monday to Friday - 8 am to 4 pm
Police: Tel. 2656-0436

Iguana de Costa Rica

Samara Beach Map & Postcards

Artist Daria Bruni created the Samara Beach Map and the paintings displayed throughout this site during her stay in Samara Beach and visits throughout Costa Rica. Local shops have the map as a poster and the drawings as postcards.

About the photos on this web site

Many of the photos on this site have been sent to us in the past years by individuals who come to Samara Beach and loved it here.

We want to thank them all and we very much welcome if you want to share with us you best shoots and impressions about our village.

Videos by Patrick McGoeyVideos on this site by Patrick McGoey


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