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carrillo tours, transfers and shuttles

Discovering Costa Rica will be fun and comfortable!

Carrillo Tours

Discover Costa Rica with us: let Carrillotours, Transfers and Shuttles help you discover the amazing Costa Rica nature, culture and traditions. You will have the most unforgettable and exciting adventure of your life!

You can start using our services since the beginning of your holiday and arrange with us your airport pick-up and drop off in both International Airports, San Jose and Liberia. No extra worries driving on roads that you don't know, we can guide you in the most interesting area of the country and organize for you an unforgettable tour!

Contact us and let's go .... You will find our office in Samara's Main Street.

We offer:

  • Airport pick-up and drop off
  • Exciting Tours in the Samara and Carrillo areas and out of Town
  • Transfer and Shuttles
  • ATV rental and ATV Tours

Tours while in Samara Beach and surrounings

Turtle tour

Playa Ostional and Camaronal Beaches are the two most important turtle nesting sites in Costa Rica. On 8 kilometers of sandy beach, the turtles lay their eggs on a small area of only 900 meters. Large number of turtles arrive to this beach usually at night, during last quarter of moon.

You could also learn more about these prehistoric great animals. If you are in the area do not miss this incredible experience. It will be an adventurous evening that you never forget.

  • Includes: Transport, guide, drinks


Starting with a 10 minutes kayak trip to Chora Island, with a gentle padding is suitable for the whole family. You will enjoy the magnificent peace under the sea, viewing star fish, octopus, tropical fishes, if you are a good swimmer you may can see turtles and lobster under the rocks, and be a nice way to start your vacations. Or just enjoy the white sand beach on the island looking for shells and enjoy the view to the town and the highest mountain also relax swimming in the warm water.

  • What to take: Sun block, camera, bathing suit.
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Departure: Depend of the tide

Mangrove kayak

Enjoy an exiting tropical jungle experience over the gentle waters of Ora River, 6 miles down the river is perfect for nature lovers. Surrounded by wonderful birds such as herons and egrets. Also monkeys, iguanas and luxuriant vegetation. Perfect for all ages!

  • What To Bring: Sun Blok, Hat, camera, binoculars.
  • Duration: 2 hours.

Dolphin tour

You can be witness of a whole dolphin family in their natural habitat. Perhaps in a lucky day you could also enjoy the company of whales and much more. At the same time you can enjoy of our fishing equipment and take with you, yellow fin tuna or other and enjoy your lunch!

  • What to take: sun block, camera, sandals, hat and swimsuit.
  • Includes: fruits, drinks and snorkeling equipment.

Carrillo Fun: Horseback riding

In Carrillo mountains you will horseback ride for two hours while looking at the beautiful ocean view and visit a quiet and relaxing beach which is not visited by many. We will take for a relaxed and pace full ride.

  • What to take: Long pants, tennis shoes, camera, and sunscreen

Water sports

Enjoy aquatic attractive including boogie board, surfing, snorkeling, banana boat, and kayak rented. Equipment is available in Carrillo Tour's Offices.

Tours out of Town

Barra Honda National Park

Unlike the volcanic stone found throughout northern Costa Rica, Barra Honda area of tempisque Basin, where the Nicoya Peninsula joins the mainland, a limestone foundation was found. Water has cut extensive caves through the small mountains of the park, and this is its best known feature. However, the park also has well maintained hiking trails. The protected tropical dry forest (though mostly secondary) within its borders in some of the last in the world, and very different from the rain and cloud forests that attract many ecological tourists to Costa Rica.


Stalactites, stalagmites and other calcareous formations of the more than 40 limestone caverns are the main Barra Honda's National park attractions. The caves are all in good condition because their vertical entrances are difficult to negotiate. This is also why you need climbing gear, and a guide.

The network of hiking trails used to access the caverns are great for exploring one of the rarest habitats on earth: tropical dry forest. The juxtaposition of capuchin monkeys and cactus seems add but you hope to see howler monkeys.

  • Size: 2,300 Hectares of protected area.
  • Elevation: 442 meters above sea level.
  • What to take: Hiking shoes, mosquito repellent, (Poncho wet season only).
  • Included: Entrance to park, climbing gear, transportation, lunch, drinks, and guide.
  • From: 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Palo Verde National Park: Bird watching and crocodile safari

Palo verde national Park, with an extension of 18,058 hectares, is situated at the northwest bank of the Tempisque River. Palo Verde has more than 12 different habitats and greatest ecological diversity in Costa Rica. There you can see freshwater and and salt water lagoons and marshes, grasslands with black mangroves, mangroves swamps, grassland with rough-leaf trees, different kinds of forests and savannahs. In the park there are more than 150 species of trees, among them the parkisonia acualeta, which lends its name to the park for the light green color of its branches.

For bird-watching fans

Palo Verde contains the largest concentration of wading bird in all Central America and has identified more than 270 species of bird, from September to march several thousand of herons, egrets, grebes, ibis and ducks flock to the lagoons and surrounding areas to feed and mate. The Park also has the largest nesting colony of black crowned night herons in the county. It is located in the bird island, which is part of Palo Verde National Park. Crocodiles of up to 5 meters in length have been seen on the banks of Tempisque River. Palo verde National Park is a real attraction for bird-watching fans.

  • Departure time: 7:00 A.M.
  • Arrival Time: 2:00 P.M.
  • Included: Transport, boat tour, lunch and drinks.

Arenal Live

This is probably the touristic route with the greatest variety of attractions in the whole country. We will visit the Arenal Volcano National Park; the biggest attraction is the volcano, towering at 1,663 meters (4989 Feet) and with an almost perfect cone shape.

Splendid Waterfalls and refreshing hot mineral springs

In 1968, after hundreds of years of inactivity a violent eruption marked the beginning of the ongoing cycle, which has turned this into in incomparable touristic attraction. Other interesting sites to visit are the beautiful Fortuna waterfalls; a free-fall of 71 meters (213 feet) and with cool water and natural swimming spots. Among the attraction on this route, is Tabacon Resort, because it tropical vegetation, beautiful garden and four hot mineral water springs, creating cascades and natural pools.

  • What to take: Repellent, camera, binoculars, tennis, shoes, shorts.
  • Leave: 6:00 a.m. Return: 8:00 p.m.
  • Includes: transport, hotel, lunch, hot springs waters, waterfall and drinks.

Coffee tour

You will enjoy first a little bit of coffee history. After the first welcome our tour begins: you will observe and be part of coffee process, you will learn and realize the the use of coffee afterwards. Also for our coffee lovers we will give you a taste of the coffee after all the process that it requires. At the end of the tour you could enjoy an artistic presentation (minimum 6 persons). And if you don't want to forget this experience we offer you a souvenir store so you can take that memory to home with you. We hope you enjoy and learn more about this important grain which is the main support in Costa Rica's economy.

  • Duration: 2 Hours.
  • Includes: Transportation, guide, tour, coffee cupping demonstration and snacks.

Monte Verde Cloud Forest

The area was declared biological reserve in 1972 in order to preserve the only cloud forest of Costa Rica. Walk from one tree to another at an altitude of 200 meters. There is an incredible natural beauty that can be observed during the sky walk. The walking tour on top of a bridge (200 meters high) that connect one tree to another tree is a full package to observe all kind of fauna and flora.

And for the most adventurous…

We suggest the sky trek, where is a zip line and a moving platform. Look around!!! In Monteverde cloud forest there are 8 different life zones; Poses varying degrees of humidity and climate that change as you cross over from one to the other. From swamp to cloud forest the scenery is always incredible. Bromeliads, orchids and many other tropical plants and flowers are easily seen. Birds, as the elusive resplendent Quetzal, and butterflies will also be seen during the tour from the top of the trees along with the already unbelievable view!

  • Departure time: 6:00 a.m.
  • Includes: Transportation, drinks, lunch and bilingual guide.
  • Minimum: 4 people.

Shuttle Service, Private Transportation and Transfer Service from Samara
or Carrillo

From To Toyota Hiace
Mini Van
1-6 persons
Mini Bus
Up to 25 persons
Samara/Carrillo San Jose $220 $350
Samara/Carrillo Fortuna $200 $380
Samara/Carrillo Monteverde $200 $38
Samara/Carrillo Tamarindo $120 $250
Samara/Carrillo Montezuma $220 $350
Samara/Carrillo Manuel Antonio $250 $380
Samara/Carrillo Jaco $220 $350
Samara/Carrillo Puntarenas $150 $300
Samara/Carrillo Caldera $165 $280
Samara/Carrillo Liberia (Airport) $120 $250
Samara/Carrillo Papagayo $120 $250
Samara/Carrillo Playa del Cocos $120 $250
Samara/Carrillo Rincon de la Vieja $160 $300
Samara/Carrillo Nosara $70 $155
Samara/Carrillo Playa Naranjo $150 $250
Samara/Carrillo Frontera de Nicaragua $200 $300
Prices are for one way trip

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What do they say about us on TripAdvisor

"Carrillo Tours"

I have, over the last 14 years, had many adventures with William & Carrillo Tours. William speaks fluent English & is very knowledgeable about Guanacaste, and Samara & Carrillo, especially. The turtle tour is one of my favorites, where William or one of his guides takes you to a turtle sanctuary in Cameronal in the night to find & watch the sea turtles come out of the water, make their way up the beach, dig a hole & lay eggs. The turtle is not subjected to any trauma, as they use only infrared lights to show the spectacle. When Mama is finished, and has camouflaged the nesting spot, & has made her way back to the water, the nesting spot is marked. The next day, the people from the sanctuary come back & move the eggs to an enclosed spot on the beach, where they mature & hatch. when they're hatched, the babies are escorted to the water, so they don't get picked off by predatory birds. A wonderful trip & very illuminating.

William's Tempisque River tour is also remarkable - a boat tour to see amazing river birds & many, many crocs! The tour includes transportation to & from the river, the boat tour with guide (they must have the best eyesight in the world), and lunch. I highly recommend this.

William, who owns Carrillo Tours, is a valuable resource to anyone visiting Samara/Carrillo. He knows EVERYONE & is one of the most friendly & helpful people I've ever met.



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