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bridge over tempisque river

An historical moment in Guanacaste

Puente de La Amistad Bridge

Inaugurated in 2003, this bridge has replaced the ferry service that for many years allowed crossing of this river. A significant work of engineering built with cooperation from the Taiwanese government, the bridge spans 780 meters and serves as a launching point for major development of the Guanacaste region.

This historic moment in Guanacaste history will bring the Nicoya Peninsula much closer than it has ever been to San José and the rest of the country. The 780-meter-long hybrid bridge unites the western region of Guanacaste, and the Nicoya Peninsula with eastern Guanacaste.

The bridge is a gift from the Taiwanese government. The total cost of the project was ¢10.1 billion (US$26.1 million).

The bridge consists of an asymmetric cable layout with 4x 2 cables on each side of the pylon. The asymmetric span lengths are 170 + 90 = 260 meter. The composite cross-section of the bridge has a width of 14.70 meter. The deck is erected by the incremental launching method.

The approach bridge, although plain-looking from above, harbours underneath an intricate pile system.

The end result is an erosion-resistant, earthquake-safe, and elegant bridge, say the builders. Moreover, the Tempisque River Bridge is designed to allow five meters clearance from the highest water level to the bottom of the bridge girder, ensuring the safe passage of small vessels under the bridge, non-obstruction of currents, and resistance to floods.

"This bridge will last for 100 years, it will be here for generations to enjoy," said the director of the project, architect Jack Chang. "This bridge will not only be a landmark, but a symbol of the everlasting friendship that exists between Taiwan and Costa Rica."


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