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The one-stop shopping for a perfect holiday in Samara!

Samara Adventure Company

Samara Beach is Costa Rica's most-beautiful, family-friendly beach on the gorgeous Pacific Coast and the ideal location for Stand Up Paddle lessons & excursions, Ocean Kayak tours, snorkeling and mountain bike trips, as well as day visits to Costa Rican national parks. Let Samara Adventure Company be your one-stop-shop for the perfect Samara Beach vacation and beyond! Book our private transportation, shuttles and airport transfers and do some fun tours along the way! Plus we know the best places to visit in the country, such as the Arenal Volcano and the Cloud Forests of Monteverde and can match you and your family and friends with the hotel, tour and transportation service to fit your needs. Let us help you create the perfect Costa Rican vacation!

Best Rates for Quality Service!

Our Transportation Hub

Enjoy the views and leave the driving to us! From airport pickups for one to our private minivan service, we can arrange it all.

Airport Pick Up & Private Transportation

This option is one of the fastest and safest ways to travel and allows you to decide exactly when you want to leave. We have two comfortable minivans with A/C, all fully insured and with all the permissions required from the tourism board. We can pick you up or drop you off at the airport, drive you between hard to reach cities, or take you on guided tours to explore the most amazing places in Costa Rica.

Adventure Connection (Shuttle-Tour-Shuttle)

With Adventure Connection, you can save time and money by getting transportation and a tour all in one trip!! Leave Samara/Carrillo beach and have a fun story to tell by the time you arrive at your next destination! Available to/from: Arenal Volcano, Monteverde & San Jose.

Shuttle Service

The shuttle service is a shared transportation in a A/C minivan. The shuttles are a 2 person minimum. They will pick you up from almost any hotel in the Samara or Carrillo areas, and drop you off at one of the hotels on their approved list.

Our top tours

Ocean Kayak & Snorkel Isla Chora Tour
Find out more about this tour

  • Departure: morning or afternoon (low tide) - Duration: 3 hours

What better way to spend your day than kayaking to a deserted white sand beach? After a refreshing trip through the waves, Isla Chora is a close-by escape into a relaxing underwater world. Here, you are free to snorkel with tropical fish, splash in the clear waters, or simply sit and take in the rays. Bask in the balance of a tour that includes both holiday exercise and ease.

What is included? Kayak, Paddle, Life Jacket, Fresh Fruits from the season, Water, Drinks, Professional, Experienced Bilingual guides. Pick up/Drop off from Hotel.

SUP Lesson & Tour
Find out more about Ocean SUP Lessons
Find out more about SUP Mangrove Tour

  • Pick up time: Morning or afternoon (low tide) - Duration: 3 hours

Stand Up Paddle board is an emerging global sport with a Hawaiian heritage. The sport is an ancient form of surfing using a long paddle to navigate the waves while standing up on a large, wide, buoyant surfboard. Stand Up Paddle is a perfect outing for the whole family as it is designed for all ages and abilities. Many people find this sport easier than surfing, making it a popular vacation activity. Accessible and fun, nothing is stopping you from enjoying this exciting activity! The amazing views from the open waters of Playa Samara's beautiful bay will make you wonder why you haven't tried SUP earlier.

The beaches of Samara and Carrillo have some of the most tranquil waves in Costa Rica. This is the ideal place to begin your Stand Up Paddle adventure. You will be taught by an experienced guide how to first kneel, and then stand up on the board, as well as the correct way to paddle. Once you have mastered the basics, you will glide to Isla Chora, a deserted white-sand island. Come enjoy the sensation of walking on water!

What is included? Board, paddle, life jacket, fresh fruits from the season, water, soft drinks, professional, experienced bilingual guides. Pick up/Drop off from Hotel.

Camaronal or Ostional Turtle Tour
Find out more about this tour

  • Pick up time: 7 PM - Duration: 4 hours

These beaches are home to the nests of three of the seven species of sea turtles in the world: the Leatherback, Olive Ridley, and Hawksbills Black. All three of these species have been declared endangered. The protection of these sea turtles´ precious natural environment—a non-developed beach—is an ongoing project. Bright lights and noise can cause the turtles to turn back to the sea before laying their eggs. That is why we ask that you wear dark clothing and refrain from the use of cameras.

Seeing the laying of a turtle's nest is an amazing moment. With the knowledge that only 1 out of every 5,000 baby turtles reach full maturity, it is with a newly gained appreciation that you will witness this determined act of instinct to continue on their species.

What is included? Transportation, entrance fee, professional, experienced bilingual guide, drinks, snack, Pick up/Drop off from Hotel.

Dolphin & Snorkel Tour
Find out more about this tour

Pick up time: 8 AM - Duration: 3 hours

If you have never seen a dolphin or a whale, your chances are good on this tour. The Northern Pacific has much fame in spotting many different species of sea mammals. We will go 2 to 10 miles offshore from Samara and Carrillo beaches where one can feel the ocean breeze while gazing at the coastline scenery during our search for these playful animals. You could be lucky enough to see Spotted dolphins, Central American Spinner dolphins, Common Bottlenose Dolphins, and Humpback whales!

Along the way back to the coast, we will anchor near the shores of Isla Chora, the delightful white-sand beach full of hermit crabs and iguanas. You can cool off in the clear blue sea while continuing your search for underwater life. Beneath the surface teems a lively, colorful world normally hidden from view. Take advantage of the marine life of Costa Rica. Come experience the wonders of the ocean!

What is included? Boat tour, equipment, Professional experience guide, drinks, tropical fruits, life jacket. Pick up/Drop off from Hotel.

Wild life & Birding Kayak Tour
Find out more about this tour

  • Pick up time: 8:30am or 1:30pm - Duration: 3 hours

Explore the rich wildlife of one of the beautiful rivers of Playa Samara, Costa Rica. You will marvel at what nature has to offer while kayaking through arching mangrove tunnels. With our birding expert you can enjoy the company of great blue herons, anhinga, roseate spoonbills, and perhaps even a few crocodiles! After observing the tropical birds and listening to their songs, the tour ends at the gorgeous dark-sand beach. For nature lovers and bird watchers this is simply the best tour in Samara.

What is included? Fresh Fruits from the season, Water, Life jacket, professional experienced bilingual guides. Pick Up/Drop off from Hotel.

Surf Lessons
Find out more about this tour

  • Pick up time: morning/afternoon - Duration: 1.5 hours lesson, free use of the
    board s during the week.

You couldn't find a better beach than Playa Samara, Costa Rica to begin your surfing endeavor. If you're serious about learning to surf, or are looking to improve your surfing skills, or if you just want to say "I surfed!" this is the place to be. Samara Beach has little to no rip current and the waves are small to medium in size, perfect for practicing your technique.

What is included? Experienced bilingual instructors. Surf board and Pick Up/Drop off from Hotel.

Rio Tenorio Rafting Tour
Find out more about this tour

  • Pick up time: 7:00 AM - Duration: 8 hours

Challenge yourself as you paddle through fun and safe rolling rapids of Río Tenorio in Costa Rica! Practice with your guide and then enjoy a beautiful 2.5 hour rafting trip along the arid and impressive canyon of the Tenorio River in Costa Rica's picturesque Guanacaste province. You will receive a thorough safety briefing and get fitted for your equipment—helmets, lifejackets, and paddles. Then off to the flowing river to enjoy fun, exciting rapids, a fresh fruit snack, and plenty of wildlife along the way like iguanas, tropical birds, and monkeys.

This unique rafting tour finishes with a thrilling 10 foot waterfall drop!

Once you arrive to the private river exit, we will do a quick hike to the 4x4 vehicle to drive out of this isolated, unspoiled region of Costa Rica. Delight in a delicious lunch, use our changing rooms and then head back to your hotel in the Samara/Carrillo beach area for a glorious Pacific sunset!

What is included? Transport from/to the Samara/Carrillo area. Rafting tour on the Río Tenorio; excellent raft guides; fruit break; delicious lunch.

Palo Verde Bird Safari Boat Tour + Pottery Demo in Guaitil

  • Pick up time: 8:00 AM - Duration: 6 Hours

In this tour you get a taste of Costa Rican culture along with a long look at Costa Rica's nature. On the way to Palo Verde National Park, we will stop in the quaint town of Guaitil, famed for its expert craftsmanship of Costa Rican ceramics. Nearly all of the pottery you see in gift shops around the country, from Monteverde to the Caribbean, was made in Guaitil. Generations of families have carried on the tradition of their ancestors´ artisan livelihood. You will get to see a live demonstration of the delicate art of transforming a mound of clay into a beautiful object.

Onwards to Palo Verde National Park, a wildlife refuge located between the Tempisque and Bebedero rivers. This park is home to the biggest area of wetlands in Costa Rica! We will board a boat, taking us up the river where we will be able to admire the natural beauty of the park. You will gape at the huge crocodiles sunning themselves on the bank, or gasp at the giant iguanas and tiny lizards darting through the underbrush. You will see groups of monkeys and birds quickly moving among the branches. Our boat takes you on an unforgettable floating safari adventure through the tropical wetlands of Costa Rica. Don't miss it!

What is included? Transportation, from and to Samara, experienced bilingual guides, boat on Tempisque River & lunch. Pick up/Drop off from Hotel.


Visit the Samara Beach YouTube Channel

Visit the Samara Beach YouTube Channel


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Samara Adventure Company

Samara Adventure Company

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