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samara trails

Take a hike with us in the Tropical Dry Forest

Samara Trails

The tropical dry forest is one of the most vulnerable and rare biomes of Central America. In Guanacaste, the characteristic six month dry season leaves the land susceptible to wildfires that often devastate the forest and its wildlife. As if this was not enough, over the past 40 years widespread deforestation and large scale agriculture have reduced the dry forests to a mere fraction of what they were in the past.

Undoubtedly this type of forest houses one of the most interesting and complex ecosystems of the area; the natural scarcity of water has caused wildlife to evolve and thrive in an environment with fewer nutrients than other tropical forests while also maintaining the ability endure six months of intense tropical rain.

Samara Trails tour takes you through the Werner Sauter Biological Reserve, one of the only private reserves in Guanacaste. This 2.5 hour guided hike starts in a former cattle farm, continues through a mango plantation (you can eat all the organic mangos that you want!) and finally takes you to the reserve where nature runs wild.

We want you to feel, breathe and experience the unique tropical dry forest. Here you will learn about the native plants and animals, as well as the rich and interesting history of the native peoples who inhabited the land long before the time of Columbus.

We offer two daily tours from Samara Beach:

  • Morning Tour - 7:15 am or earlier if preferred
  • Afternoon Tour - 3:00 pm

Kindly take note that there is minimum of 2 persons participating per tour.

Please contact us for reservations or to . You can also call us at (+506) 8835 9040 or 2656 0238.

What does the tour include?

  • Entrance to the Werner Sauter Biological Reserve
  • Bilingual guide educated in Natural Sciences
  • Tropical Snack at the viewpoint
  • Local pick up service and drop off
  • Insurance by INS (Instituto Nacional de Seguros)

Our Rates

Age Rate
Adults $35
Under 15 years old $25

What do they say about us on TripAdvisor

"This needs to be first on your Samara attractions"

This trek is a must on your list of things you need to do and see in Samara. Alvaro makes the 2 hour trek an extremely informative and enjoyable morning. His enthusiasm and passion for what he does is apparent and you come away feeling so so much more knowledgeable about the forest and its inhabitants. The view from the mountain top is breathtaking and Alvaro is so genuine, you feel you have made a friend for life.

"Definately do this hike while visiting Samara!"

This hike was a highlight of our trip. Alvaro is a wealth of knowledge and you can tell he really loves what he does. He has such a passion for his grandfather's land and for teaching people about it. My kids (10 and 7) really enjoyed the hike as well and learned so much. The next day when we went ziplining they were able to make out the bird sounds that he taught them about. The view from the top at the hike is fantastic and a perfect rest stop! You will not be disappointed! Thank you Alvaro!


Visit the Samara Beach YouTube Channel

Visit the Samara Beach YouTube Channel


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Samara Trails

Samara Trails

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