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Exploring the Pacific Ocean

Diving in Costa Rica

Discover the wonders of the submarine world and while in Samara, as an experienced diver or a beginner, have fun knowing the richness of our bay waters and surrounding.

Morrish Idol (Idolo Moro), Barber fish (Mariposa Amarilla), Jurel, Pargo, Loro, Morena, Reef Shark, Sea Turtle, Manta ray, Dolphins... some of the fish you will be able to see. And sometimeseven Whales, different types of Sharks and Barracudas.

There are several Diving Center in Samara and they offer professional PADI OWS Instructor with a large amount of experience in scuba diving.

Scuba Training


Diving is a fun activity. You will meet a new group of friends to share the activity with and enjoy many great dives to new and exciting places. Afterwards it will be hard to wipe that smile off your face when you try to explain to your family and friends how much fun it was. Imagine trying to explain the feeling of interacting with your first moray eel or seeing that giant groper.


Once you have finished your basic scuba course you can participate in many exciting types of diving. Some of these involve extra training and some just involve going to new and exciting dive sites. Try wreck diving to get a glimpse of awesome maritime history. Try night diving to gain a totally new perspective of the underwater world. There are many other types of exciting activities.


Turn your diving into an adventure. Travel to new and exotic locations for a taste of international diving. Become an explorer and try new locations in your own area. Try diving with turtles. Have fun with the dolphins. Your diving will become an endless adventure.

Isla Chora

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