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Discover the forest

Hiking in Samara and surroundings

Most people that visit towns like Samara are interested in mainly relaxing and disconnecting from the world. There are others who prefer the "taking it easy" part combined with experiences and adventures that enrich their ways of seeing life.

If you are in this second group, hiking through the Werner Sauter Biological Reserve will be an experience you will enjoy and remember. This Reserve, located only 10 minutes away from Playa Samara, protects one of the most interesting ecosystems in the tropics: the Tropical Dry Forest.

The natural scarcity of water (6 month dry season) has caused wildlife to evolve and thrive in an environment with fewer nutrients than other tropical forests while also maintaining the ability endure six months of intense tropical rain.

Samara Trails tour takes you through the Werner Sauter Biological Reserve, one of the only private reserves in Guanacaste. This 2.5 hour guided hike starts in a former cattle farm, continues through a mango plantation and finally takes you to the reserve where nature runs wild.

We want you to feel, breathe and experience the unique tropical dry forest. Here you will learn about the native plants and animals, as well as the rich and interesting history of the native peoples who inhabited the land long before the time of Columbus.

Hiking in Samara Beach

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