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It is fun for everybody

Sea and river kayaking available in Samara

Sea and river kayaking are an easy and relaxing way to explore natural areas. Almost all the locations visited by sea or river kayak tours cannot be accessed by any other means.

There is no better way to explore the coast, stunning beaches and clear blue water.

You can reach the island of the bay, Isla Chora and spend a few hours exploring a desert island.

Explore other beaches ... during the paddles you're likely to see dolphins, turtles, and coral reefs. If you like, you can tow a fishing line behind the kayak and snare yourself a fish lunch.

River kayaking will allow to have a full nature immersion while surrounded by the tropical vegetation of the jungle, birds, monkeys and iguanas...

Kayaking is a lot of fun. It combines the tropical outdoors with confidence building self-reliance and it is perfect for all ages.

Anybody can enjoy kayaking, since the sport has so many different facets. Touring can be fun for the entire family as it is a calm, sightseeing experience.

River or Ocean Kayaking

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