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sunsets in samara beach

There is something magical about sunsets

Perfect sunset in Samara Beach

No matter what, there is magic in every sunset. If the sun is setting in the sea, the sunset is wonderful. If there are also palm trees .... you can feel the ocean breeze ... the sound of the waves ... yes, that is the perfect sunset.

Samara offers the best setting for the most memorable sunsets, the one you will remember forever. On some clear evenings there is a small green light,  which shows for an extremely short moment, just before the sun disappears. A very short instant that you will remember for a long time.

Today the sky glowed in pink after sunset but you can be sure tomorrow it will be another colour. Make watching the sun set a habit during your stay in Samara, you will just love it.

Walking hand-in-hand on the beach while the sun sets on the ocean and enjoy the last sunshine of the day .... and then hurry up, the sun is almost setting and you have to reach one of the several wonderful spots from where you can enjoy the "everyday-but-unique" sunset show.

Samara, Carrillo, Barrigona, on top of a hill... during your time here ... don't miss the show.

Sit down quietly on the beach or sit in one of the several bars located on the bay and sip your sundowner -- the drink to celebrate sunset.

Take some pictures ... memories are made of these.

P.S.: We will very much appreciate you sharing your best sunset pictures with us.

Magic sunsets in Samara Beach

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